Target Hybrid Social Enterprise Business Models



Jyoti Sharma has written a thought-provoking blog in The Stanford Social Innovation Review entitled, “A Neoliberal Takeover of Social Entrepreneurship?“.  Although I take issue with the the focus on neoliberalism as a destructive force, I agree with the importance of hybrid business models for social enterprises.

I have difficulty with terms like “neoliberalism”.  It politicizes a conversation, using Continue reading

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Making Social Innovation Work


Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the past year, you’ve probably heard of a hackathon, even if you’re not quite sure what it is. Hackathons have become increasingly popular events challenging developers, innovators and changemakers alike to use their creative thinking, expertise and coding skills to solve a global or community issue, or develop an app.

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The Chimera of Impact Investing

Much has been written about the growing size and influence of impact investing
for social enterprises.  I don’t disagree with the data or the pundits but is there too much marketing hype?  Will the good news ultimately blind the social finance movement to the fact that many important and demonstrably impactful social enterprises will not generate market returns?

Will the result be to limit access to capital that these social enterprises need?  Are we creating a chimera that will come back to bite us?  Will government and foundations feel that they can back away from grant-funding since the data “proves” that we can have our cake and eat it too since we’re generating returns and creating impact?

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Is Social Entrepreneurship a Distraction?

Social Enterprise Distraction

A leader in the social enterprise field, Pamela Hartigan, has written a compelling blog entitled, “Why Social Entrepreneurship has become a distraction: it’s mainstream capitalism that needs change”.  It is a clarion call.  See what you think.

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Stakeholders Need Your Attention

Stakeholder Image

I have often worked with social entrepreneurs on the Business Model Canvas.  The two blocks we always start with are the Customer Segments and Value Proposition because they form the heart of your business model.   All other blocks exist to support delivering your value propositions to your customer segments.

For social ventures, however, the title, “Customer Segments”, is inadequate. It would be more accurate to call this block, “Stakeholder Segments”, because of the more numerous and varied segments being served by a social venture.

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The Fog of Ignorance


On looming source of risk for an early-stage social entrepreneur is not knowing what you don’t know:the fog of ignorance.  If you’re entering a new industry your area of ignorance is huge; the problem is that you don’t know it until you’re tested in market.  One way you can shed some light in the fog is to build an advisory board.

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Business Model Trumps Product


I’ve just finished two days of mentoring eight ventures, most social-mission driven, as part of my work as a facilitator for the LaunchYU Accelerator at York University.  communityBUILD, the social enterprise initiative of ventureLAB and its three partners, has five social ventures as part of the cohort of 18 ventures in LaunchYU.

One consistent observation I’ve made while mentoring is that the business model is more important than the product/service solution for startups.  This is the reverse perspective from most entrepreneurs.  Here’s an example.

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The Power of Community


Spring fog

Your isolation as an entrepreneur is a danger to your mental health and to the success of your venture.  This is especially so if you’re a lone entrepreneur without a team around you.  I’ve been there.  You stand, staring out into the foggy expanse of your startup with so many unknowns, riven by uncertainty, with no-one to talk to about your challenges.

Isolation is a danger to you because the stress of being solely responsible for your venture Continue reading

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Toward More Effective Impact Measurement


At the risk of sounding like a nerd, I found myself taken this weekend by an article in Stanford Social Innovation Review on impact measurement.  It is entitled, The Next Frontier in Social Impact Measurement Isn’t Measurement at All”.

The authors, Kate Ruff and Sara Olsen, have coined the term bounded flexibility to refer to the need for measurement that allows flexibility within an agreed-upon range in choosing metrics to demonstrate social impact.

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The Value of Competition


I was reminded recently about the importance of competitions for honing not only your pitch but your business and impact models for your social venture.

Some believe that these events are a waste of valuable time.  I don’t agree. The competition is what forces the entrepreneurs to go beyond what they think they’re capable of doing because they have to stand up in public for what they think.  Good mentoring alone is not sufficient.  The pressure of competition forces performance.

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