Powering Innovation

Magnus Sandberg,Vice President and General Manager for Social Capital Partners in Toronto, expresses his idea of innovation as a World’s Cup sailboat.  He spoke recently at part of our communityBUILD Speaker’s Series where he spoke about, “The Quest for Social Impact – Social Entrepreneurship from an Investor’s Perspective

I thought the iconic image of a sailboat was such a powerful icon, not only for the beauty and power of its design but because the boat and the organization around it embody innovation (and lots of money!).  How?

Artemis Racing AC45F

First outing on the new AC45F. Artemis Racing. 14th of July, 2015, Portsmouth, UK

  • The boat itself is a cutting-edge product that is more of an aircraft rather than a boat.  Also,
  • It flies on airfoils that maximize its speed.
  • It’s large sail is a wing constructed of composite materials, not a conventional sail.
  • It’s managed by a highly skilled team who must work collaboratively and seamlessly to win
  • But, regardless of the skill and breathtaking design, the boat is subject to the vagaries of the wind and water
  • The team needs to read and interpret its external environment constantly, keep an eye on its competitors, know how hard to push the boat, be intuitive and rational a the same time
  • The team begins the race with a strategy but must be responsive to new facts on the ground, pivot as the reality of the situation demands
  • Regardless of pivoting, the team knows the ultimate destination

It’s appropriate for Magnus to speak about innovation because Social Capital Partners epitomizes that quality.  The organization seeks the greatest impact, whether in its impact investing or in its long-term investment in creating system’s change in employment and training in Canada.   Go to their site for a taste of innovation.

In the month of March we have three more events in the Speaker Series for those in the neighbourhood. They will all be in York Region. Check out the registration site.




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