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Fresh Food

At ventureLAB we are meeting increasing numbers of social ventures that are focused on issues related to food.  In fact, we seem to be creating a cluster, a community. These entrepreneurs are creating new business models that have the potential to shake up a sclerotic, complex  industry while improving access to healthier food.

Here are just a few examples of clients at ventureLAB that are  revenue-producing social purpose businesses focused on food issues:  Tiffinday, with employment and environmental social missions; Rainbow Plate, educating kids in a fun way about better nutrition and EarthToKids.creating chick-pea pasta.

I want to share a great case study from the Fall 2015 edition of Stanford Social Innovation Review.  It’s about a very innovative and courageous food social enterprise out of California.  The case study is interesting from several perspectives:  an innovative business model that addresses the redesign of nutritious food delivery to schools without forcing the system to reinvent itself; a story of scaling successful; a story of being relentlessly customer-focused; and a story about social finance.  Here’s the link:





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