Managing Talent for Startups

talent_management_maturityStartups tend to leave Human Resources issues down the list of priorities.  After all, you have to survive and build your business.  However, as your start to hire staff that strategy will come back to haunt you when you inevitably encounter problems.  These can include poor recruitment and retention of employees that slow your growth behind which are a multitude of sins of omission and commission.

I have recently read a number of blog posts recently that identify ways to better manage talent in the early stages.

A number have appeared on written by Pauline James, a Principle in Anchor HR.  For example, she has a two part-series entitled, “Attracting and Retaining Talent in a Startup”.  Of the four points she digs into in Part 1 on attracting employees, I found her ideas concerning how you can compete with large companies for talent to be useful and realistic.  There are people out there who don’t want to be a cog in the wheel of a larger company. There are things you can give employees, from benefits to culture, that can compete with larger companies.

Alongside her blogs is a complementary one with an international focus in The Next Billion. Written by Lauren Cochran and Grace Horwitz of Blue Haven Initiativeit challenges impact investors to invest in “human capital” in their client social enterprises in order to create sustainable organizations.  They make a strong point to find companies that already have a strong culture and thoughtful, intentional practices for managing their talent.

Talent management is definitely an issue not to be neglected at any stage.






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