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Stakeholders Need Your Attention

I have often worked with social entrepreneurs on the Business Model Canvas.  The two blocks we always start with are the Customer Segments and Value Proposition because they form the heart of your business model.   All other blocks exist … Continue reading

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The Fog of Ignorance

On looming source of risk for an early-stage social entrepreneur is not knowing what you don’t know:the fog of ignorance.  If you’re entering a new industry your area of ignorance is huge; the problem is that you don’t know it until … Continue reading

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The Power of Community

Your isolation as an entrepreneur is a danger to your mental health and to the success of your venture.  This is especially so if you’re a lone entrepreneur without a team around you.  I’ve been there.  You stand, staring out into … Continue reading

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So What’s communityBUILD?

I want to share the launch of communityBUILD with you.   Why is it worth sharing?  Because I believe that it has the potential to bring more social ventures to market that begin to generate revenue and social impact.  It will do … Continue reading

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Equip Yourself for The Challenge of a Lifetime

There is no more challenging a career route to take than that of an entrepreneur.  The personal pressures, the loneliness, the financial demands and the uncertainty can be overwhelming at times.  But like getting to the top of Mount Everest, … Continue reading

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