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Managing Talent for Startups

Startups tend to leave Human Resources issues down the list of priorities.  After all, you have to survive and build your business.  However, as your start to hire staff that strategy will come back to haunt you when you inevitably … Continue reading

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Toward More Effective Impact Measurement

At the risk of sounding like a nerd, I found myself taken this weekend by an article in Stanford Social Innovation Review on impact measurement.  It is entitled, “The Next Frontier in Social Impact Measurement Isn’t Measurement at All”. The authors, … Continue reading

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Am I A Social Enterprise?

As the application deadline approaches for communityBUILD’s Social Venture Pipeline (April 15), I am having more calls with ventures asking about whether they’re a social enterprise.   I find that I know a social enterprise when I see it.  This means that I see that the mission … Continue reading

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At a Crossroads

While mentoring an early stage social venture today, I was reminded that it’s so easy to get lost in the weeds while developing your business and impact models.   You are always at a crossroad where there are so many variables to … Continue reading

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The Risk of Isolation

As a mentor, I occasionally meet entrepreneurs with whom it is difficult to have a conversation about their venture because they don’t want to share their idea.  They’re afraid someone will steal it once it’s revealed.  I can understand the … Continue reading

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Recipe for Impact

  At ventureLAB we are meeting increasing numbers of social ventures that are focused on issues related to food.  In fact, we seem to be creating a cluster, a community. These entrepreneurs are creating new business models that have the potential … Continue reading

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Your Mission is not Your First Priority

There is one point of contention where I receive most resistance from social entrepreneurs.  That is my insistence that the entrepreneur stop being in love with their mission and think through their business model first.  There is a naive sense … Continue reading

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Five Key Success Factors for Crowdfunding

One of the challenges for social ventures is to get funded whether in the form of grant, debt or equity.  Even with the growth of impact investing, many funders don’t understand social enterprise sufficiently to take the risk to provide … Continue reading

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Social Venture Pipeline Launch

communityBUILD’s Social Venture Pipeline opened for registration last week with a final application deadline of April 15, 2016.  The program is designed to meet the needs of social ventures from Toronto and the GTA that are within sight of launch.  These will be … Continue reading

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So What’s communityBUILD?

I want to share the launch of communityBUILD with you.   Why is it worth sharing?  Because I believe that it has the potential to bring more social ventures to market that begin to generate revenue and social impact.  It will do … Continue reading

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